Countdown Until Competition

Who Are We?
We’re a group of passionate multidisciplinary young professionals collaborating to create the most efficient single passenger vehicles in the world.
What Do We Do?
We design, simulate, manufacture, and test hyper-efficient single-passenger vehicles to race in the Shell Eco Marathon Americas event.
How Do We Compete?
Our team competes in the Shell Eco-Marathon — an annual competition attended by thousands of students in which teams are judged based on their vehicles' fuel efficiency.
About Us

Welcome to Supermileage!

The University of Michigan Supermileage Team is a student-led project team engineering competitive, single-occupancy, ultra-efficient vehicles. We have students across all disciplines, including Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Environmental, and Aerospace engineering, Engineering Physics, Robotics, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Art & Design, Business, Finance and more!

Our goal is to design the most efficient vehicle in North America. Our members are driven by a desire to develop innovative technologies which will promote the global transition away from fossil fuels.

This year our team is taking on two engineering challenges. We're continuing the development of our prototype-electric vehicle, Magnolia, and our urban concept internal combustion vehicle, Maple. We're aiming to beat 200 mi/KWh with Magnolia, and we’re aiming to achieve 400 MPG with Maple.

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30+ Members
Our Story:

The History of Supermileage

Past Years
Since 2010

Starting as a small group of engineers passionate about cars and fuel efficiency, the Supermileage team has since expanded to over 40 members across many fields of study.

Supermileage has competed in both the Shell Eco Marathon and the SAE Supermileage competitions in years past. However, our crowning achievement occurred In 2017, when we obtained our record fuel efficiency of 4,536.693 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent)!

2022-2023 Project
Last Year

After two years of canceled competitions due to COVID-19, we finally competed in the Shell Eco-Marathon again. Our Electric Motor Prototype vehicle passed vehicle inspection with flying colors, a feat we are proud to have achieved, as vehicle inspection is a demanding list of a hundred+ inspections and requirements that many teams are not able to pass.

However, bad luck struck as poor weather conditions including a rainstorm prohibited the competition from continuing, and at this time we were not able to record an official timed lap around the race track, along with a majority of the other teams in our division.

2023-2024 Project
This Year

This year our team plans to refine and perfect both our vehicles, Maple and Magnolia. Our focus will be iterative testing, data collection, and refinement of each vehicles’ subsystems. This will include the integration of additional telemetry capabilities, bench testing both the engine and the electric motor with a dynamometer, and everyone’s favorite, on-track testing.

We will be competing both our vehicles in April, 2024 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home to the Indy 500!

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